Optical Structural Adhesive with increased adhesion to PC

Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)

Product formulated and manufactured by NovoGenio. This grade has been developed from NovoGlass® SF 1959 but with better adhesion to polycarbonate (PC). Its excellent optical and adhesive properties To both glass and PC prevent or minimize delamination problems. It is the best TPU to ensure the durability of CSD structures BRG for its mechanical properties.


  • Available in different thicknesses.
  • Good adhesion to glass and PC.
  • Resistant to UV radiation, does not yellow. 
  • High optical transparency. Low turbidity.
  • Manufactured in a cleanroom.
  • Elastic component 60%.


  • Excellent optical properties Resistance to UV radiation. 
  • Excellent mechanical properties. 
  • Wide temperature range (-30oC to +80oC). 
  • Films for Ballistic Glass under Extreme Impact.
  • Temperatures (-30oC/+80oC). 
  • No plasticizers. 
  • Good adhesive properties to glass.
  • Excellent adhesive properties to Polycarbonate.



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