This new ArtiBlog has the intention to focus all the attention on the Graphs showing objective data about the properties TPUs should fulfill, so as to belong to a Security Glass or Bullet Resistance Glass Structure with a durable performance component.

Through these few more than 7 min video in a direct question – direct reply format, and by using a comparative speech, we expect to contribute in clarifying more about the critical topic related to Durability. For a more specific discourse, you can always address to our previous ArtiBlog Clues to enlarge the life span of Security Glasses and BRG laminated structures to more than 3 years, just previously published on this one.

See our “live presentation” below….


Dressing & Protecting Wind Blade Turbines

Dressing & Protecting Wind Blade Turbines

At NovoGenio we know how to "dress" your wind blades to give them the highest mechanical strength, and resistance to the most agresive climatic areas.If you need more information or you are interested in our Wind Blade Products, feel free to contact us,...

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