All laminated structures made of different materials are subjected to different type of tensions, mainly due to their physical and mechanical differences. 

From Materials Science we always try to minimize them facilitating their integration by making use of the chemical and physical affinities they might have, if they have some. It is our duty to find them and use them in our favor. Once this affinity is identified and, most importantly achieved, the next step is to reinforce it by increasing the levels of adhesion between different materials to avoid their separation or delamination.

One of the major issues that Security glasses as well as BRG might suffer from is the delamination of the assembled layers reducing the level of protection, its performance and consequently the life time of the Structure.

If you are interested to know about our Engineered TPU Grade NovoGlass® SF 1996, you can get its PDS (Product Data Sheet)

This TPU grade, with enhanced adhesion properties to PC, has the same strong mechanical properties than the standard Grade NovoGlass® SF 1959. If you want to get the report where different TPU Grades are compared, please be free to download it: 

And, if you would like to get some samples to test our Grade, pls let us know about your interest 


Dressing & Protecting Wind Blade Turbines

Dressing & Protecting Wind Blade Turbines

At NovoGenio we know how to "dress" your wind blades to give them the highest mechanical strength, and resistance to the most agresive climatic areas.If you need more information or you are interested in our Wind Blade Products, feel free to contact us,...

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