Many people still belive that the TPU interlayer used for the lamination of BRG structures is just an adhesive with good optical properties.

But the TPU can work not only as an adhesive. It can play also an important role inside the BRG structures. 

At this point it is important to recall their elastic and viscous properties. These properties are key parameters that can convert the TPU in something more than just a simple “glue” (see our previous paper “Are the TPUs used for Ballistic Glass Resistant Constructions just Adhesives, or they can also be Structural Elements?”).

By controlling and using them adequately it is possible to manage the impact energy and diverse it inside the mass of materials in our own favor, the same way as Jiu-jitsu warriors do.

This knowledge and its practice could be a relevant advantage that in our opinion should be considered by all BRG laminates manufacturers.

This seven pages photo report shows very visually how just and only depending of the type of “glue”, it is possible to manage the impact energy through the structures. And consequently the way to minimize the damage of the BRG structures.

To know about the facts, you can download our subject document from here.



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