The erosion of metals occurs upon the frictional of surfaces, wear, cavitation, as well as by the action of impact “flying” particles to surfaces or even by just the “mild polish” erosion of liquids.

The gradual, layer-by-layer destruction of the surface of metallic materials by mechanical action is the cause of many equipment failures, and the reason of important economic losses. Various parts of wind mills (wind), jet engines, nuclear reactors, and steam turbines and boilers are subjected to destruction by erosion.

The increased resistance of parts against erosion can be achieved by improving process technology or by improving the unit design or also by selecting more suitable materials. 

Following the last one, structural materials have been developed to provide durable operation of parts under erosive conditions, such as steel niobium and molybdenum alloys. But there is another technical approach to face the undesirable effects of erosion. At NovoGeniowe have chosen this one, he have tried to solve the erosion problem just in the opposite way than the traditional one. Instead of applying the hardness properties of special metal alloys we have worked out the non straightforward way. We use  the soft and flexible materials properties of our materials to protect the hard metallic surfaces. 

Playing with the image of the differences that exist between the Karate and Judo as a self-defense discipline, we have developed and manufactured new materials to “defend” the metal surfaces of impacts like Judo does. Following the way of Judo  we have obtained much better results protecting harder surfaces with elastic materials than by using metal alloys. The elastic protections absorb and sends back the energy of the impact particles that hit the metal surfaces. If you are interested in this subject and want to know more of how to get the best solutions for your products, please contact us.

Our Engineers have developed the technology that takes care of the protection of all the metallic surfaces against erosion, as well as the integration of our film interlayers on bi-dimensional and also on tridimensional surfaces.

If you need to improve the resistance of your mechanical parts extending their operational life, we can help you. 


 Our materials might have helped Mr. Eduardo Chillida to extend also the life of his marvelous pieces of art. If Mr. Chillida wished to, and contacted us, his famous “el Peine del Viento“, the Wind Comb, sculpture would have not been so damaged by the “power” of Nature. But maybe that was one of the aims of his great piece of art…. and what he wanted to say to us.


Dressing & Protecting Wind Blade Turbines

Dressing & Protecting Wind Blade Turbines

At NovoGenio we know how to "dress" your wind blades to give them the highest mechanical strength, and resistance to the most agresive climatic areas.If you need more information or you are interested in our Wind Blade Products, feel free to contact us,...

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