It is known that when sweating inside a vehicle or at home during Summer time, a large part of the heat that “beats us” comes from the strong sun radiation that goes through the windows of the vehicle or the house.

“Magically” the heat has the capacity to get inside closed buildings and cabins through their glasses. This phenomena is due to the special solar spectra properties. The sun sends us a radiation with a broad spectral wavelength range. But besides the fact that the glass is a solid material, like the bricks are, part of the solar radiation spectra can cross this physical barrier regardless of its thickness. The radiation that is able to get into “introduces the heat” inside. This radiation range ends up transforming its energy into heat. The accumulation effect makes to raise up the temperature inside.

At NovoGenio we have come up, and produce at industrial scale, some new optical Films that allow to reduce the heat inside transportation vehicles and buildings increasing the comfort and reducing the use of extra energy of air conditioners.

Our calculations tell us that in transportation, it is possible to save in between 4-6% of energy depending on the type of vehicle and the environmental conditions. To know the details of our analysis you can download our report from below.

For us, as “Comforting beings”, with our own temperature body sensors and adjusting mechanisms, when the temperature goes above 25ºC we start to feel some discomfort and suffer from biodynamic functional stress. With increasing temperature we start sweeting, feeling tired at the time that our organism slows down to compensate the high environmental temperature. To come back to comfortable conditions, we can either darken the room using sunshades and/or cold down the interior of the room with an air conditioner.  

It is a challenge to decrease the heat without using sunshades, that block the light that comes through the windows and reduce the vision in the interior of the rooms. We have taken and faced this challenge. And, after an intensive work, we have developed some new transparent Films that when laminated with glasses, without darkening, they can reduce the warming up effect from the sun radiation. Some of our Films (NovoGlass SF 1992 range) can be used to laminate different type of glass structures improving the comfort inside and also reducing the thermal stress of the laminates. To found some more info about them, we recomend you to visit our pages in which we discuss about blocking the IR radiation range from the sun.

These Films can be used to construct building laminates, aeronautics windows, e-glass structures, terrestrial vehicle glasses, boat glasses and also BRG windows (Ballistic Glass Resistant) with special sun heating barrier properties. With them, it is possible to increase the comfort and save air conditoning energy and its cost. 

With the use of our Films you can increase the comfort, reducing people stress and fatigue, at the time that you will help your customer to save energy consumption. Today Energy Efficiency is a must value that interest anyone of us and gets translated into money savings when using our car or staying at home. If you want to know:

  • How much temperature can be reduced by using this type of Films? 
  • What would be the energy saving cost, reducing the use of air conditioning by using these Films?

We suggest you to find some answers in our Technical Report (7 pages), which can be downloaded from here