Here we would like to show you our variety of Films and Solutions for the main Industries we collaborate with. We are constantly aware and working on contributing to the challenges that modern Industries face with at their daily activities. Only carefully following and understanding the needs of all of them, we can develop and manufacture the most suitable Technical & Optical Film Interlayers.

Films for Impact Resistant Glass


We can offer you a complete Portfolio of Films to construct all your Security Glass Products.

Bullet proof included!

Architectural Glass Film



We manufacture Films to construct glass laminated structures of different thicknesses and shapes.




An Interlayer engineered to decrease intensity and slow the advance of fire with an easier processing than other flame retardant materials in Market.



The Interlayers engineered by NovoGenio are designed to perform at the mobility Market. Either for Automotive, Railway, Marine or Aeronautics, NovoGenio offers a wide Portfolio of Films to meet present and future innovation requirements.

Eolic Energy Films


If you are interested in protective materials for your blade turbine manufacturing, we can provide our own range of Products for that.

Solar Energy Films




If you are a PV Module Manufacturer, either for Crystalline or Thin Film Technologies, we have a long run know-how to assist your requirements.